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Thoughts on $19B Cybersecurity National Action Plan

Yesterday President Obama signed two executive orders on cybersecurity to strengthen the government’s defenses against cyber attacks and protect citizens’ personal information kept by the government.

Obama asked for $19 billion for cybersecurity efforts in his budget request, a 35 percent increase from current levels, with $3 billion requested to “kick-start an overhaul of federal computer systems.” The Cybersecurity National Action Plan will ensure:
Americans have the security tools they need to protect their identities online
Companies can protect and defend their operations and information from hackers
The U.S. government protects the private information citizens provide for federal benefits and services

Our own CMO, Michael Harris, added his valuable insight:

“The United States must increase its investment in cybersecurity to protect our homeland. We live in a world of instant-anywhere-access. The cyber-terrorists are relentless. They morph. They adapt. They scoff at legacy authorization and hacker prevention systems. The recent wave of breaches to our Federal systems are proof of this reality. Deep forensic data analysis, detection and response technologies are essential for cybersecurity and we encourage congress to carefully evaluate the $19 billion spending initiative to ensure our sensitive, proprietary and military assets are protected from malicious exfiltration.”

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How to Streamline a Malware Investigation Down to 30 Minutes or Less

Malware incident response can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. A seasoned investigator, however, has documented steps to help you investigate malware in 30 minutes or less.

Joseph Salazar, an information security practitioner, presented his methodology in a lecture called “Streamlined Malware Incident Response with EnCase®,” at the Enfuse™ conference (formerly known as CEIC®) held earlier this year. This highly rated session outlined a framework to minimize user and system exposure to malware; utilize supporting infrastructures and processes; and leverage the flexibility of not only EnCase Endpoint Security, but even more so, EnCase Enterprise.

EnCase® Enterprise? Isn’t that a digital forensics tool?