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Black Hat 2014: It’s the Year of the Endpoint

We just got back from Las Vegas, where we were excited to see so many information security, legal, and digital forensics pros at CEIC 2014 at Caesars Palace. But we’re already ramping up to head back to Vegas for Black Hat 2014, the annual confab designed for the InfoSec practitioners we love to work with.

With endpoint security demonstrations throughout the day, as well as collaboration with stellar industry partners, our booth theater will be busy nearly every minute that the trade-show floor is open. Come by booth 1141 to learn about:

  • "A POS Hack: What's in Your Wallet?" with retail security professional Richard Thompson
  • "A 360-Degree View of Enterprise Risk"
  • "Endpoints Under Attack"
  • "Strategies for Verizon DBIR Top Three Breaches," with EnCase Cybersecurity product manager Ransher Singh
  • A handful of choice guest speakers to be announced in a later blog post.
And that’s just Wednesday. Careful readers will see a theme emerging: Advances in perimeter security aren’t enough – you need a new endpoint security strategy. Check the blog again later this week for more news on what you can expect in booth #1141 at Black Hat, and let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below (such as, “Hey, are you guys giving away that awesome 'Hunt or Be Hunted' t-shirt again?” and, “What about that ray gun?” Which is for us to know and for readers of future blog posts to find out…).