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CEIC 2015 Highlights: Thwarting Malware, FRCP Rules Changes, Corporate Cyberbullying, Collaborating for the Win

CEIC® 2015 began with a one-day CISO/CLO Summit that gathered security and legal chiefs to collaborate on emerging best practices in defending the enterprise, as well as an energetic CEIC welcome keynote from our president and CEO Patrick Dennis and Roger Angarita, our head of product development. Patrick talked about how the legal, security, and forensic investigation communities are blending together, both to collaborate and even to expand their own professional areas of responsibility. Our data is converging—and so are our professions—which is good news, since as we collaborate, we are turning the tide in the defense of our organizations, our citizens, and our economies.

CISO/CLO Summit 2015: One Day that Generates Actionable Intelligence

Mark Harrington

As legal chiefs around the world get serious about cybersecurity as part of our mission to defend our organizations, we’re learning fast, but it’s time to go beyond education and begin taking action. Four years ago Guidance Software brought legal, security, and risk and compliance chiefs together at the inaugural CISO/CLO Summit to talk strategy and we’ve come a very long way since.

Last year I was privileged to lead a panel discussion on enabling proactive risk and threat intelligence at CISO/CLO Summit 2014. The panelists included an information security chief for a major defense manufacturer, the CISO for a global automaker, security analyst Jon Oltsik of the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), and Ed McAndrew, the Assistant U.S. Attorney and National Cyber Security Specialist for the Department of Justice. 

AMP Threat Grid Empowers Law Enforcement to Fight Cybercrime

Jessica Bair, Cisco

Recognizing the critical need for state and local law enforcement agencies to have state-of-the art technologies to effectively fight digital crime, Cisco is creating the AMP Threat Grid for Law Enforcement Program. The program is designed to empower those working to protect our communities from cybercriminals with its dynamic malware analysis and threat intelligence platform.

Computers are central to modern criminal investigations, whether as instruments to commit the crime, as is the case for phishing, hacking, fraud or child exploitation; or as a storage repository for evidence of the crime, which is the case for virtually any crime. In addition, those using computers for criminal activity continue to become more sophisticated, and state and local law enforcement agencies struggle to keep up with their internal computer forensics/digital investigation capabilities. Malware analysis is also a critical part of digital investigation: to prove or disprove a "Trojan defense" for suspects, wherein the accused rightly or falsely claims a malicious software program conducted the criminal activity and not the user; and to investigate unknown software and suspicious files on the computers of the victims of cybercriminal activity for evidence of the crime.