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Joel Brenner Keynote at CEIC 2014: The Changing Face of Espionage

For more than a decade, a series of high-profile security breaches have bought to light the vulnerability of the security systems upon which we rely. The best known include:

  • Titan Rain: Hackers were able to gain access to U.S. defense contractor computer networks and siphon off large amounts of information.
  • New York Times: Ten years after Titan Rain, Chinese hackers broke into the New York Times network and gained access to employees' computers and passwords.
  • Target: More than 40 million credit and debit cards and 70 million records, including names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers of customers were stolen in the attack on the retail giant.
Cybersecurity expert Joel Brenner shared deeper insights into the state of security with CEIC 2014 attendees in his keynote speech. In spite of a series of high-profile, damaging attacks dating back to 2003, public and private organizations are still under siege, and there is no end in sight.