Minimizing Customer Impact with Proper Breach Assessment

Ale Espinosa

Apologies are never easy – much less when they are public. Just a couple of weeks ago, daily deal website LivingSocial contacted and issued an apology to more than 50 million of its customers whose information may have been compromised in a recent cyber-attack, according to the Daily Deal Media. Whether all 50 million were indeed compromised remains the question.

Before issuing an apology or coming out publicly with details of the breach, it is critical to know the exact size and scope of the loss and damage the attack caused. Leaving room for uncertainty behind any of the details in your communication can be assumed as poor handling of the situation or a lack of insight into what really happened.

Tools like EnCase® Cybersecurity enable you to fully understand and measure the impact of a breach – down to the exact number of files, accounts, or data accessed by the attacker – by looking into the metadata of all of the files stored in your endpoints. That way, your post-breach communications are targeted to the exact number of users it may have affected, helping you minimize any impact to your customer base or brand. Your PR team will appreciate it.

It is estimated that only half of all security breaches will require disclosure of some kind to the affected parties or to the public in general. The remaining half will only affect internal systems and data that, with the right tools, can either be caught before sensitive data is accessed or remediated and brought back to normal before it causes damage to others outside of the business -- giving new meaning to the saying "better be safe than sorry."

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