Thales Expands Critical Incident Response Capabilities in the UK with EnCase

As the threat landscape increases in complexity, large organizations everywhere are looking to recognized information security experts to help them ramp up their response capabilities. A leader in the design and delivery of resilient critical systems and security solutions for government agencies and corporations, Thales UK wanted to bolster its endpoint security and incident response offerings with EnCase products. 

Now Thales UK and Guidance Software have announced a partnership and the inclusion of EnCase security products as integral parts of Thales’ new “Critical 48,” a 24/7 cyber incident response service. Combining the market-leading products and services of Thales with Guidance Software enables us to offer organizations in the UK a complete, best-of-breed managed security service,” said Peter Armstrong, the Director Cyber Security Sector for Thales UK. “This partnership equips Thales to complement its existing cybersecurity threat detection and assessment offerings with critical incident response capabilities. We can now answer at pace our critical customers’ questions: was the attack successful, was sensitive data compromised, how did they get in and how do I fix it?”

According to a recent SANS Institute survey sponsored by Guidance Software, nearly half of all organizations are operating under the assumption that they have been compromised. Working together, Thales and Guidance Software are equipped to help information security teams respond rapidly to attacks within the first hours and days of a breach, to contain the damage and collect evidence about the attack. Armed with EnCase products, Thales’ trained cyber specialists have the ability to effectively respond to any cyber emergency within hours.

Learn more about EnCase Analytics here and EnCase Cybersecurity here. More information about Thales UK can be found here.

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