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Beating the Hacking Latency

Guidance SoftwareJournalist Kevin Townsend recently spoke with Guidance Software’s Frank Coggrave about preventing data theft from hacking attacks by reducing the time from security alert to remediation and Guidance Software’s recent announcement of EnCase® Cybersecurity 4.3 that automates incident response through integration with SIEM tools like ArcSight.

The article discusses the value that SIEM solutions provide: they scan logs in real-time looking for anomalies, discover security events and can show where things are happening on the network. But they do have a shortcoming – they lack the next step which is response. That’s where Guidance Software’s EnCase® Cybersecurity comes in. EnCase® Cybersecurity is able to identify the root cause of the event and help IT administrators respond quickly, closing the gap between alert and response.

Kevin writes, “Today’s hacker likes to get in and hide himself. He thinks he can go undetected (and often can and does) while he infiltrates deeper into the network looking for the most valuable data. Hacking comes with its own latency – and you need to use that latency between infiltration by the hacker and exfiltration of your data in order to stop him…SIEM plus forensics has the potential to improve the SIEM and, by reducing the time to remediation, to defeat the hacking latency.”

An additional problem is that IT security is a 24x7 job. When the SIEM solution triggers an alert in the middle of the night, response can’t wait. Frank provided Kevin with an example of how EnCase® Cybersecurity can help:

“One of the filtering systems picks up that something is happening that shouldn’t. It reports it to the SIEM. Correlation with other alerts indicates that it’s potentially a serious incident. ‘But what do you do if it’s 2:00am. Or it’s just part of a whole series of other alerts happening at the same time? Well, the SIEM can now trigger EnCase® Cybersecurity Solution to automatically and immediately dive in and do an investigation. We can capture who is on the machine in question, what applications are running at the time, what processes are in memory; we can kill the applications if we want to, and we can clear up the incident before it becomes too serious.’ Going back to our earlier metaphor, SIEM+EnCase can now close the stable door before the hacking latency expires, while the hacker is still in the stable and before too much damage is done.”
Read the full article on Kevin Townsend’s website.